Portland Nutritional Therapy Clinic

Rental Space

Are you finding it difficult to utilize a rental space enough to enjoy a profit? Joining our clinic might be right for you. The clinic is open to all NTP’s in the area who need clinic space on an “as needed basis”. By joining us, you are not committed to a space on limited days or are over committed to a space. We can keep your monthly expenses low while you grow your practice. The clinic will serve to give NTP’s a professional status and credibility. Your client will be impressed with the professional look and service they will receive. It will be convenient for you as the facility is set-up for immediate NTP use, including an up-to-date Biotics test kit.

Rent room in clinic for health practitionersIn short this is how it works:

  1. Come in for an orientation (no obligation) by appointment, during which you will be given a tour of the clinic. We go over process of booking a client and seeing a client, and answer any further questions you might have.
  2. You join the clinic $30.00 annual fee. This fee serves to cover costs such as upkeep, expanding, and hosting the website, filling the Biotics test kit, and keeping the doors open to NTPs.
  3. The contract doesn’t lock you into a monthly rental fee, but serves to both protect you and the clinic about the use of the room. Once a contract has been established, give the clinic a bio (about 100 words) with digital photo and you will be added as a practitioner to our site.
  4. When you have a client, you will contact the clinic and schedule your client. This is when you pay for the time slot you are reserving.
  5. Show up at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment to get the room ready, give receptionist your intake forms, and get settled in before your patient arrives.
  6. Once you are done with the appointment our receptionist can take payment, order products (prepaid by client) and reschedule your client. You will hand us a sheet with all the actions you need the receptionist to take (so you can look more professional).


United we can have the Nutritional Therapy practice we desire.