Healing Path Holistic Medicine Clinic’s

Referral Program

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find the right product, service and/or experience. Many of our clients found us because of the recommendation of someone they know.

We wish to show our appreciation for that vote of confidence.


The deal

  • The person you refer must make / keep an appointment
  • You get a credit in your file
    • 1 referral = one session “Add on” (aroma therapy / Cupping / Hot Stone)
    • 2 referrals = a second “Add-on”
    • 3 referrals = 30 min of massage




(Frequently asked questions)


  • Do the credits expire?


  • Can I refer more than 3?

Keep em coming

  • Can the Add-ons be used all at once?


  • What if my referral cancels?

They must keep their appointment in order to fulfill the deal

  • How does the free 30 massage work if I normally use my insurance?

Make your 60 min into a 90 min – or schedule a 30 min session by itself with out using your insurance visits

  • Is there a way to get credit for referrals I made long ago?

Unfortunately no

  • Are my credits transferable?

No, and its OK to treat yourself 😊